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Meeting the VAT challenge: how are businesses addressing their VAT risks?

Businesses see VAT as posing the biggest tax risk to their company over the next 12 months.
Our survey found that businesses could be doing more to protect themselves.

In our survey, 35% of respondents highlighted VAT as their riskiest tax area, although another 29% identified employment tax as highest risk. Concern about VAT may reflect the amounts of tax involved, the potential costs of getting calculations and submissions wrong and the sheer complexity of many of the VAT rules.

Accounting for care & nursing homes

Are you a manager or owner of a nursing home struggling to receive reliable and timely key financial information due to a shortage of internal resources? Our experienced team can provide all the relevant financial information to keep you up-to-date with all the financial aspects of your care home.

Top 5 VAT issues for family offices

Family offices may encounter a wide range of VAT issues, due to the diverse nature of their activities. Failing to consider the VAT position can result in significant unexpected costs, so reviewing the VAT implications before starting any new activity is important.