All news by: John Baker

Deterring fraud in charities

‘Charity begins at home’ is an old proverb but, all too often, rather than taking its intended meaning – charity is learnt in the home – unscrupulous fraudsters have no hesitation in ensuring charity begins and ends in their home.

Staff fraud and misconduct

Accepting that fraud and misconduct can be carried out by your (supposedly) trusted and loyal staff is always a difficult pill to swallow. Every organisation, irrespective of size or sector, will at some point (if not already) have to undertake investigations into staff fraud and/or misconduct. 

12 frauds of Christmas

It’s that time of the year when it’s the season to be jolly. Unfortunately, not everyone is…here are 12 fraud risks of Christmas and our tips on how to avoid them to keep you and/or your organisation protected from fraud and bribery.

Bank mandate fraud – “That’s so simple, we would never fall for it”…so why is it still happening?

Bank mandate fraud (also known as creditor fraud, payment diversion fraud and supplier account takeover fraud) is a huge fraud risk; simple to perpetrate and simple to prevent, yet it is still happening as you read this. Changing a company’s account should be a rarity -  it’s disruptive and costly so should not be a regular occurrence and therefore any request should be treated with suspicion.

Mandate fraud - do not be caught out!

There has been a sharp increase in the number of mandate frauds this year across all sectors. Mandate fraud is where a fraudster will get you to change the direct debit, standing order or bank transfer mandate, by purporting to be an organisation to whom you make regular payments.

Energy and Mining – Perfect storms for fraudsters?

Both the energy and mining sectors often operate in difficult territories. Nearly 70% of the countries in which operations take place are rated as below ‘4’, where ‘10’ is the top of the ethical ladder, and ‘zero’ at the bottom in Transparency International’s ‘Perception of Corruption Index’.