What does the future hold for martech? Find out at DMEXCO 2018

The run-up to DMEXCO 2018, the annual world trade fair and expo for digital marketing and advertising, is a good time for reflection – particularly this year, given the pivotal nature of events over the last six to 12 months.

Take Adobe’s acquisition of Magento Commerce in May – which saw a tech leader buying the assets of one of the key e-commerce applications companies. This could have serious implications for businesses in the web development, design and delivery space. What technical challenges could it bring?

Another major event was the coming into effect of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Drawbridge, the US cross-device identity company, attributed its withdrawal from Europe to GDPR. Overall, however, there seem to have been surprisingly few repercussions. It’s also possible that companies could use GDPR as an excuse for their own failings. But despite the apparent lack of drama following the dawn of the GDPR era, could there be any surprises still to come?  

We’ve also had the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica data scandal, which has dramatically highlighted issues around brand safety. How will the data privacy debate evolve and what will this mean for businesses in a world where big brands can so quickly lose the trust of consumers?

Even with just these three examples, it’s hard to think of another period when so much has happened in such a short time – when the failings of the digital sector have been so sharply exposed. Looking to the future, it’s worth considering what impact these events could have on the future growth of the digital marketing sector.

We hope to provide some answers and insights in our next Moore Stephens martech report, due to be released following DMEXCO 2018. Building on our first report in 2017, this year’s survey has achieved an even greater global reach among brands and agencies in the martech sector.

The findings may, for example, shed light on the question of whether we will see a continuing trend of marketing teams turning away from media and towards technology. Digital advertising and marketing has now come of age. However, questions are being asked about the potency of digital advertising, and how the rest of the media world is changing.

With US giants such as Google and Facebook attracting so much advertising and marketing spend, the financial lifeline for many media companies in markets like the UK has been cut. These businesses face a new challenge to drive revenues in the future. But so do the giants: big brands that lose the trust of society must also find ways to win back support.  

DMEXCO 2018 provides a great venue for discussing these and other issues in digital marketing and advertising – and finding potential solutions to the challenges businesses face.

Come and talk to our team at DMEXCO 2018

If you’re attending DMEXCO 2018 on 12 or 13 September 2018, and would value a meeting with our team, please contact Aman Nirwal to book a suitable time.

Alternatively, please stop by our booth in the International Lounge, Hall 6 / D038.


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