Moore Stephens welcomes creation of new standards for internal audit training

This summer saw the final approval of two new apprenticeship standards to support the development of the internal auditors of the future – and Moore Stephens is delighted to have played a part.

Work on developing the standards began early 2017, when the Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors brought together a ‘trailblazer’ group of employers to lead the creation of an internal audit apprenticeship programme. Moore Stephens was one of the employers in this group.

The resulting two apprenticeship standards are the first ever to be developed for the internal audit profession. They are the Internal Audit Practitioner (level 4 – equivalent to the first year at university) and the Internal Audit Professional (level 7 – equivalent to a masters). Moore Stephens hopes to be able to recruit apprentices under these new standards in future years.

“I’m proud that Moore Stephens played a part in the process of developing the new apprenticeship standards,” says Kami Nuttall, associate director in Moore Stephens’ Governance, Risk & Assurance team. “This shows our commitment to developing qualified internal audit professionals. I’m excited that the standards are now in place to strengthen the internal audit career pathway and support the development of internal auditors. The standards provide a firm structure to help employers develop future internal audit professionals and recruit from a wider talent pool. At Moore Stephens, we look forward to being able to use these standards for our own future intakes.”

“The internal audit apprenticeship standards are split into knowledge, skills and behaviours,” says Elizabeth Stacey, Learning & Development manager at Moore Stephens. “This structure highlights that it isn’t just the technical knowledge of internal audit that is so important, but also places emphasis on skills such as collaboration, building relationships, systems/IT and also behaviours such as professional scepticism and integrity. This will ensure that internal audit apprentices have the all-round skills required to be a professional business partner and advisor.”


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