Changes to the taxation of non UK domiciliaries

Last year the Government unveiled a suite of changes targeted at the taxation of non-domiciled individuals. A consultation document was published last year, alongside very limited draft legislation and last week the Government published a further consultation document, taking account of responses to the original consultation.

New Code of Practice: Cyber Security for Ports and Port Systems

On Wednesday 17 August, the UK Government issued cyber security guidance for ports.

The Code of Practice was commissioned by Department for Transport and developed by the Institute of Engineering & Technology and outlines cyber security requirements at ports and port facilities. The Code of Practice should be used as part of an organisation's overall risk management system, to ensure that the cyber security of port systems is managed both cost effectively and as part of mainstream business.

Beware the ravages of time!

Many of you will have heard of the concept of ’pound cost averaging’. The idea is that if you make regular investments into pensions or other investment accounts, you can benefit from market volatility by being able to purchase units at a lower cost when markets go down.

Top five R&D myths

While R&D is critical it can be costly, not only in itself but also that payback can take months, if not years. The UK has some of the most effective tax reliefs available for this type of expenditure in the form of R&D tax credits.
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