Four celebrate 25 years’ service at Moore Stephens

Four employees are celebrating 25 years’ service at Moore Stephens Chartered Accountants in Corby.

Partners Nick Bairstow and Pete Simons, secretary Alison Dring and bookkeeper Karen Wade have each been with the firm for a quarter of a century, clocking up an impressive 100 years’ of service between them.

Says Karen: “The past 25 years at Moore Stephens have certainly not been dull.  I think during my time here I’ve worked in almost every department within the firm – there’s always something new to learn!”

Nick says: "I've had a fantastic career so far. I have been lucky to work with great colleagues and clients, and it's been wonderful to see the East Midlands and Corby develop over the years. Making sure you have the work/life balance right is key."

Over the years, the four have seen some big changes particularly in relation to the use of technology and the internet. Says Alison: “When I first started back in 1990 we were still using typewriters – there was only one computer in the office, known as ‘Dexter’ and you had to book a slot to use him!  We had a huge library of books, and client records were all on paper and accounts had to be sent by post.  Today almost everything is filed electronically and we use email and the cloud to share information with clients.”

Despite the technological advances, some things have remained the same.  Says Pete: “Many of the clients we had when I first started are still clients today – it’s been great to have been able to work closely with them and see their businesses grow and develop over the years.”

The four were presented with gifts in recognition of their contribution to the firm by managing partner Gerard Mallaghan.  Says Gerard: “All four have made an outstanding contribution to the firm over the past 25 years and it has been a privilege to work alongside them. Building long term relationships with our clients and supporting them throughout the entire lifecycle of their business is essential.  Our success as a business is due entirely to the hard work and commitment of our people and we’re very proud of the length of service of our employees and our low staff turnover rates.”