How healthy is your employment tax compliance?

In a recent taxation bulletin, HMRC was highlighted to have collected over £800 million in additional tax through payroll investigations during 2016-17. Drawing strength from this windfall, HMRC’s pursuit of a greater return from their investigations will only broaden and increase frequency over the coming tax years. Ask yourself:
  • Would you be ready for a HMRC Employment Tax audit?
  • Are you up to date with HMRC’s initiatives and salary sacrifice changes?
  • What can you do to be more prepared?
Our Employer Consulting team offers a cost-effective Employment Tax Health Check service, which delivers a thorough review of your employment tax compliance, policies and procedures. We’ll highlight any existing or potential concerns and provide suggested solutions to any issues identified, to ensure your employment tax function is, and remains, HMRC-compliant. Should your organisation be chosen for an audit, you’ll definitely be prepared with the help of our health check.

If you’d like us to perform an Employment Tax Health Check on your business or for more information, download our factsheet or contact Stuart Daltrey, Head of Employer Consulting.

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