AIM report key findings

There is no doubt that AIM has been a successful market and is still considered to be so, but can it rest on its laurels? Is it still suitable for SMEs or international companies? As part of this year's AIM survey we asked professional advisers and quoted companies the following questions:
  • How well is AIM performing?
  • Why have market capitalisations increased?
  • How well is AIM performing for international companies?
  • Why are there fewer companies on AIM?
  • How should the LSE enforce its rules?
  • How could AIM be improved?
Our survey has identified some concerns and dividing opinions among respondents, as well as recommendations about how AIM could be strengthened.

Click here to download our report, or watch the highlights below to find out more.
Marty Lau: Recent trends on AIM

Ryan Biscomb: AIM report key highlights

To find out more about the report, please contact Marty Lau or Ryan Biscomb.

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