Ready or not GDPR is coming in one month – should you appoint a DPO?

With the constant discussion currently around the impending General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the role of a data protection officer (DPO) or data compliance officer (DCO) has never been so much in the public eye than lately. With the imminent implementation date, organisations need to act fast and assess their possible requirement for a DPO. In fact, it is predicted that 28,000 additional DPOs will be required by organisations to achieve GDPR compliance by 25 May 2018.

Diverting profits of individuals and close companies to overseas entities – anti-avoidance

Following an announcement at the Autumn Budget in 2017, HMRC has issued a consultation document ‘Tax avoidance involving profit fragmentation’. This contains proposals to prevent individuals and small companies that carry on a trade or profession in the UK from avoiding tax by diverting profits to overseas entities in low-tax, or no-tax, jurisdictions. The arrangements that are under attack involve fragmenting profit that in substance derives from a single UK activity with the result that for tax purposes it arises partly in the UK and partly overseas.
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