Top tips to help your Sage 50 efficiency go further

Efficiency in everyday activities can be improved by making full use of all the features, add-ins and program shortcuts of Sage 50 Accounts.

These key features enable you to:
  • combine Sage 50 Accounts software with a document management system to significantly improve accounts efficiency and activity;
  • quickly export monthly financial results into a more meaningful and graphical set of management accounts;
  • give accountants full online access to view your financial data or process entries;
  • access Sage 50 Accounts online. Version 2015 has a hybrid cloud/desktop solution called Sage Drive, a shared data area in the cloud which registered SageID users can use to post transactions in real-time, from anywhere;
  • access Sage 50 Accounts through two mobile applications. Sage 50 Accounts 2015 has a ‘Mobile Sales’ app for use on tablets and an ‘Accounts Tracker’ for use on most smartphones;
How we can help

To ensure your business is making full use of these Sage 50 Accounts features, our Business Support & Outsourcing team can review and advise on:

  • Sage setup structure including chart of accounts/departments/cost centres;
  • use of templates, shortcuts and wizards;
  • importing and exporting of data;
  • eBanking automation;
  • email integration;
  • filling of VAT and payroll returns;
  • Sage pay for accepting customer payments by credit card;
  • user profiles and other controls;
  • Setup of Sage Drive and your SageIDs.
In addition, our team specialises in:

Training for staff
Our team are Sage accredited and use Sage software every day. We can provide training for your accounts staff to ensure they get the best from their Sage accounting package in the most efficient ways.

Sage healthchecks
We can review your records and ensure that you are deriving all the benefits and efficiencies available. We can check, that you are producing insightful management information in the most appropriate form to manage your business.

Efficient accounts support
We will have the ability to view your accounts information remotely, meaning that if you have any concerns we can look into them from our offices – potentially while discussing the matter with you over the phone. This makes for highly efficient and effective advisory and support services.

Benefits to your business
The above, and many other features and add-ins, could lead to substantial improvements in your accounting function, including:

  • greater efficiency and time saving in day to day bookkeeping activities;

  • a faster and easier process to send invoices and for customers to pay you;

  • quicker reporting and better quality management information on which to base decision making;

  • improved ability to drill down and interrogate transactions from within Sage;

  • enhanced supplier and customer experience with quicker and more efficient responses to enquiries concerning invoices and payments;

  • more efficient preparation of accounts and tax returns;

  • improved controls and compliance;

  • reduced risk of errors.
For more information, please contact Ian McBane.