Littlehampton Academy trip to Romania

Moore Stephens are proud to be the t-shirt sponsor for The Littlehampton Academy's trip to Romania on the 3 July. The schools chaplain, Paul Sanderson, has arranged for a group of students to go out to 2 villages in Romania where they will teach Romany Gypsy children to read and write. Although these children go to school they are treated as second rate citizens and hence aren't give an equal opportunity to learn.

Sara Hopkins, the school's Community Liaison Officer, who is a regular member of the Moore Stephens Rustington breakfast club, brought along some of the team who had recently returned from a similar trip to Uganda to speak at the breakfast club and Louise Hastings, recently appointed partner of the Chichester office, was blown away by how much the children had benefitted from the trip. Not only had they had a great experience and made a real difference to the children they had taught, it had made them appreciate how fortunate they are and helped them to build social skills and their self confidence.

The school runs three trips a year to various destinations and when Louise learnt that they needed a t-shirt sponsor for their next trip she jumped at the chance. The children have to apply for a place on the trip, a selection of children different year groups are selected. Once selected, they have to fundraise to pay for their trip. The money from Moore Stephens will provide t-shirts for the students to wear whilst away and activities for the Romanian children and students when they are there.

Louise commented "I am so excited to have the opportunity to be involved with the Romania trip, I think the students are being given an amazing opportunity and I am glad that Moore Stephens can be a part of it. I wish I could have done something similar when I was at school!"

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