EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

All organisation's who handle or process any personal information now need to fully comply with the new GDPR regulations and it is imperative that they fully understand the requirements of GDPR to avoid being hit with heavy fines. Breaches within the regulation around the collection, usage and maintenance of personal data are significant, but the loss of customer and stakeholder confidence leading to a loss of reputation could be terminal.

There are a number of aspects to the GDPR that take some organisations considerable time to achieve and all organisations should be looking at this now if they are not fully compliant yet. This draws on a range of governance, risk and assurance capabilities as well as in-depth technical and data protection skills.

Our cost effective services help you to:
  • Educate your senior management and employees on the changes that the GDPR has brought and ensure that they are fully aware of these and how these changes affect the organisation.
  • Assure the processes you have in place around GDPR giving you independent and timely information on the state of your management in relation to GDPR regulation requirements.
  • Architect your risk, policy and procedure environments to help you ensure your business operates effectively in line with the GDPR regulation requirements.
  • Manage your GDPR requirements and objectives, making sure you blend education, architecture and assurance in a way that is appropriate to your operation.