Natalie, Marketing, London

Why did you join this programme?

I am currently studying Business Studies at Sheffield Hallam University. Throughout my course I have covered an array of business topics, of which I have found the marketing modules to be the most engaging and enjoyable aspects. I was keen to join Moore Stephens as this role has allowed me to learn how marketing techniques can be applied to a range of sectors within a Top 10 accountancy firm.
What’s your experience of Moore Stephens been so far?

My experience has been great so far! I have completed a number of training sessions to enhance my skills which I have been able to apply to various daily tasks, and will also be useful in the future. I have been given the opportunity to work within different sectors. This has allowed me to get involved in a variety of projects and take on many levels of responsibility within a team. Another aspect I have enjoyed is organising and managing events for Moore Stephens and other organisations.
What’s the social life like?

The social life is good. We like to go out for meals and drinks on occasions, and we also have a Christmas Ball and summer party which is a nice way to network with other members of staff within the firm.
What’s been your best moment?

Earlier this year I helped organise a digital media event which was held at the Soho Hotel. I found this very interesting as we had speakers from Facebook and other large organisations who gave engaging presentations about the digital market.

My best and most memorable moment would be the company-wide Christmas Ball. It was held in a lovely venue with amazing food, music and decorations!
What’s been your biggest challenge?

One of my biggest challenges has been to master time management with my daily workload and to coordinate this effectively with the deadlines that have been set. I have learnt that it is important to analyse each task and thoroughly understand the time it will take to complete, before starting, to ensure the deadline will be met. Furthermore, I understand the importance of ascertaining the priority of each item of work.
If you were to give someone one reason to join Moore Stephens what would it be?

All members of the team are very friendly and helpful. You are able to work independently and are given the responsibility to lead certain projects, whilst knowing that support is always available if you need it.

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