Jordon, Corporate audit, London

Tell us about yourself.
I am Moore Stephen’s first Corporate Audit intern. Next year I will be returning to the University of Surrey to undertake my final year studies in Accounting and Finance. I joined Moore Stephens as it is an exciting top 10 accounting firm, providing great opportunities and support towards becoming an ACA qualified accountant.

What’s your experience of Moore Stephens been so far?
My experience of Moore Stephens so far has been outstanding. It has far exceeded my expectations from when I first joined back in August 2016. I have been exposed to the whole audit process across a variety of clients in many sectors. I have been treated excellently by all staff and have been trusted with jobs of great responsibility, which is something that I did not expect to receive as an intern.

What’s the social life like?
The social life is great. There is always opportunity to socialise with colleagues; whether it is casual drinks after work, or attending events such as the firm pub quiz. Moore Stephens is particularly good for the trading desk events organised internally, which are a great way to network with peers whilst having fun.

What’s been your best moment?
My best moment is definitely the work Christmas party. It was a surreal experience coming from University into such a huge event like this, and a great time to engage with fellow workmates.

What’s been your biggest challenge?
I’d say my biggest challenge would have to be the transition of the student life to work life – commuting from Portsmouth to London on top of working full time was a struggle to adapt to and not something University prepares you for!

What will your next career move be?
After gaining a first-hand experience in a corporate environment at Moore Stephens, it is my goal to return to a similar role after University to begin my ACA qualification and expand on the fundamental experience I have gained as an intern.

If you were to give someone one reason to join Moore Stephens what would it be?
In my opinion, Moore Stephens is the perfect firm for growth. During my short time at the firm I have developed and enhanced every aspect of my professional life through the vast opportunities and support that Moore Stephens has provided me with.

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