Andre, Marketing & sales, London

Tell us about yourself:
I am an American who has lived in France, China, Scotland, the US, and Poland. I study International Business Management at Robert Gordon University (RGU). I joined Moore Stephens to experience London and learn more about marketing, business in general, and to learn from a top 10 accountancy firm.

What’s your experience of Moore Stephens been so far?
It has been great! I’ve conducted analytical work that has been mentioned in The Telegraph, The Guardian, and City A.M. I’ve also been able to attend training courses to develop my skills, attend company events where I get to speak on a personal basis with partners in our company, and manage projects on my own. I do have a fair amount of administrative work though other team members are happy to help me through this.

What’s the social life like?
The social life is good, we have monthly marketing lunches, and bi-monthly marketing drinks. We are also invited to the audit students weekly drinks. In addition, I feel the company events which we assist on involve a social aspect as after we finish administrating the event, during the second half we are allowed to mingle with the crowd and join in. We also have the annual Christmas party which was an INCREDIBLE amount of fun, full of games, dancing, food, and this year it ended with everyone heading off to karaoke. There are also several other activities such as the charity events, the company summer party, and floor drinks.

What’s been your funniest/best moment?
My funniest moment would probably be having to research Norwegian celebrity news for the shipping department as part of one of my offshore projects. However my best moment would probably be going to the Reading office to help with our Cheltenham referral event. As it was very informal, we were allowed to join our attendees in making wagers on horses. I finished the day £15 up. 

What’s been your biggest challenge?
It would probably managing my workload as some jobs can take quite a while to complete, you definitely need to be good at managing your time.

What will your next career move be?
I’ve definitely become more interested in the accountancy world. Maybe Moore Stephens!

If you were to give someone one reason to join Moore Stephens what would it be?
It would have to be the atmosphere, it’s a very friendly company where you are allowed to walk into partner’s offices and they are more than often happy to help. Plus you don’t have to worry about someone standing above your shoulder monitoring you, you are largely given free rein to complete your work.

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