Andre, Marketing, London

Tell us about yourself.

I grew up in South Wales and am about to commence my final year at the University of Bath, reading Accounting & Finance. Moore Stephens' reputation as a “Top 10” accounting firm was a significant factor that drew me to the company. The opportunities and wide range of people I have been able to meet, as a result of its’ scale, would not be possible with a firm of a smaller size. Outside of the working environment I have a passion for cars – particularly motor racing and Formula 1.

What’s your experience of Moore Stephens been so far?

I started working at Moore Stephens in August 2015, and I have really enjoyed it. If I have any questions or require clarification on a task, the managers are more than willing to speak to me regarding it. Due to my work focussing primarily on research, my tasks can be quite varied, which is an aspect I really like!
What’s the social life like?

The social aspect is a part of my role which I really enjoy. The team often organise events after work, and due to my responsibilities being a supporting role for the fee earners, there is also a lot of exposure to the partners and directors, which has developed my social and professional skills.
What’s been your best moment?

Taking part in the tax team’s pub quiz as I was able to show off my Economic and History knowledge! It was also a great opportunity to get to know the tax team due to my role assisting the tax department.

What’s been your biggest challenge?

The large audience we send our communication campaigns to can be daunting! Part of my responsibilities are to draft emails to send to our various mailing lists, and some of our larger mailing lists have over 40,000 contacts. However the more frequently I send campaigns, the less of an issue it has been for me.
What will your next career move be?

I am aiming to work towards being a Chartered Accountant due to the nature of my degree, and I really like the culture at Moore Stephens, so it would be great  to qualify with the firm. My year with marketing has been a fantastic experience and it has provided me with a broader outlook on a professional services firm than if I had worked in a general accounting internship.
If you were to give someone one reason to join Moore Stephens what would it be?

The culture. Regardless of seniority my co-workers are in general happy to answer my work related queries and when work is completed to a high standard, it is quickly acknowledged.

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