Will, Public sector audit, London

Tell us about yourself
I've been at Moore Stephens for nearly 18 months now. I work in Public sector audit in the London office and have recently become part-qualified. I recently became Public sector audit table tennis champion. It was an unforgettable moment which will remain with me forever and justified many months of hard training!

What has your experience of Moore Stephens been so far?
Very positive! I’ve been able to do some great jobs and have had a very varied experience. One of my favourite audit experiences to date includes being involved in a Ministry of Defence audit where we had to count tanks as part of the fixed asset testing. For me this narrowly beats visiting Guildhall Art Gallery to verify the existence of some portraits as part of our audit of City of London Corporation.

What is the social life like?
The social life is good. It’s nice to have both a trainee year group and department to get involved with. College is a great opportunity to spend time with my year group. The Christmas party is certainly a highlight, particularly the karaoke that featured afterwards last year!

What will your next career move be?
I would like to stay in audit but Moore Stephens is a big firm and offers many opportunities. It’s still early for me to decide as I am not even half way through my training contract. That’s one advantage with doing the ACA programme as it gives you three years to build up good experience in audit and really decide whether it’s something you want to continue.

If you were to give someone one reason to join Moore Stephens what would it be?
The variety of experience. We have such a broad client base which means that no two weeks are the same.  There are also great travel opportunities. I’m  particularly excited about an upcoming trip to St Helena, with the added bonus of a few days holiday in Cape Town added to the end of it.

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