Grace, Corporate audit, Reading

Tell us about yourself
I have been part of the audit team in the Reading office for nearly two years, and I am mid-way through my professional stage exams.  Prior to Moore Stephens I worked in merchandising at the head office of Marks and Spencers, having graduated from King’s College London with a degree in Physiology. 

What has your experience of Moore Stephens been so far?
Moore Stephens is a welcoming and friendly firm. I am expected to work hard, but I am supported by encouraging and down-to-earth colleagues who always make time to offer help and advice. I have been privileged to work on a wide variety of audits, gaining an interesting insight into many industries including the education sector, technology sector and even the pig-farming sector!

What is the social life like?
At the Reading office we have a close-knit team of ACA trainees.  As an office we often make time for pay-day drinks or the occasional team lunch in town. The trainees are part of the Thames Valley Young Professionals net-working group, as well as the Thames Valley Chartered Accountant Student Society (TVCASS). These give us the chance to get to know other young professionals in the area, both within the accountancy world and from other professions such as law and banking. We are able to attend various net-working events such as a casino or wine-tasting nights, as well as attending the annual TVCASS ball!

What has been your best moment?
My most memorable moment was carrying out a stock take at a pig farm in Somerset. I had to arrive at 8am for a delivery of 2,000 piglets, and spent the day counting them off the lorry, with the farmer! This is not something you would imagine the typical ‘accountant’ doing, but certainly a fun experience I’ll never forget!

What will your next career move be?
The best thing about the ACA is that it opens so many doors. It is impossible to say where I’ll be in five years’ time as there are so many options, but at this stage I am hoping to be able to progress through the firm and see where that takes me.

If you were to give someone one reason to join Moore Stephens what would it be?
The fact that you are given so many opportunities and so much responsibility early-on in your career. This is something I believe is unique to Moore Stephens and sets us aside from both larger and smaller firms, where such opportunities are not as abundant.

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